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Get paid, on time, every time.

Upfront Pay is an intermediary payment solution, we hold the funds secure until the job is done.


Get paid,
on time, every

Upfront Pay is an intermediary payment solution for service providers and customers. We hold the funds secure until the job is done.

No more unpaid invoices.

Non-payment for completed work is a common problem that service providers face. Upfront Pay helps solve this by being a safe, secure, and trustworthy escrow service between you and your customers.

Customers pay upfront

Your customers make the payment before the work begins. This means you can confidently schedule work and coordinate materials and labour.

The funds are safe

We hold the funds in our secure escrow account and notify you so you can start work. No more anxiety; your payment is ready and waiting upon completion.

Job done = Paid

Once you have completed the job and the customer confirms it, the funds are immediately released to you. It’s that simple and stress-free.

“Get paid, on time, every time”

No more unpaid invoices.

Upfront Pay is a pay-as-you-earn service. Our fee is only 0.9%. For example, an upfront payment of $1,000 costs $9 and is automatically deducted upon the final transfer to your account.

This is how it works.

Let’s walk you through it.


Create a job

Service provider submits job quote to customer for approval.


Customer pays

Customer deposits job payment with Upfront Pay.


Complete the job

Service provider completes the job and customer approves.


Funds are released

Service provider gets paid – super fast!

Watch this to learn more.

Meet Cam, the founder of Upfront Pay. In this video, he will explain you more how Upfront Pay works, so can get paid on time, every time.


How do I try it out?

Submit your expression of interest here, and we’ll inform you as soon as our service becomes available for your use.

What’s the Upfront Pay story?

Our story started because a Sunshine Coast tradie was tired of not being paid and chasing late payments, and hearing the same issues from his friends, so he decided to do something about it. Cam Hodges is the founder and CEO of Upfront Pay. He is a concreting contractor and company owner, with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Seeing the criminal and unjust issue of non-payment and late payment in the construction industry, along with the lack of avenues to recoup lost money, Cam was spurred on to find a fair solution for tradies and homeowners.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact us for any questions you may have, or assistance with creating a new job. Alternatively, take a look at our FAQ for some quick tips.