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 Upfront Pay

Get paid safer & sooner.

Upfront Pay is an online payment platform for sending, holding, and receiving payments. We hold the funds secure, until the job is done! Aussie tradies are getting faster payments, while customers have confidence that the project funds are safe until the job is signed off as complete.


How much does Upfront Pay cost?

Currently there are no fees for using Upfront Pay, it’s FREE for both tradies and their customers. We will revisit our fee structure every three months and in the future we may charge a minimal fee, so rest assured our priority is always to help keep money in the pockets of hard working tradies and subcontractors. Any fees introduced can be added to the invoice, so you won’t ever be out of pocket.

How do I use Upfront?

Using Upfront Pay is easy:

Get paid as soon as the job is done!

How do I know the funds are safe?

The funds are held in a secure, third party account, and will not be released unless agreed upon by both parties, or there has been a dispute resolution process entered into and we receive written notification by a competent authority, e.g. the court.

While the money is in the holding account, it stays right there, it is not invested or moved around in any way.

I am wanting some work done by a tradesperson. How do I use this system?

Upfront Pay offers security to both sides of the working partnership. Simply ask your chosen contractor to sign up to Upfront Pay. It’s a win for them too, so it should be smooth sailing. Sign up takes about 2 minutes.