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Get paid, on time, every time.

Upfront Pay is an intermediary payment solution, we hold the funds secure until the job is done.


Get paid,
on time, every

Upfront Pay is an intermediary payment solution for service providers and customers. We hold the funds secure until the job is done.

No more unpaid invoices.

Non-payment for completed work is a common problem that service providers face. Upfront Pay helps solve this by being a safe, secure, and trustworthy escrow service between you and your customers.

Customers pay upfront

Your customers make the payment before the work begins. This means you can confidently schedule work and coordinate materials and labour.

The funds are safe

We hold the funds in our secure escrow account and notify you so you can start work. No more anxiety; your payment is ready and waiting upon completion.

Job done = Paid

Once the job is completed and the customer confirms, the funds are immediately released to you. It’s so simple and stress-free.

“We found the app really easy to use”

— Ryan M (ADMR & Fleet Rescue)

No monthly fees.

Upfront Pay is a pay-as-you-earn service. Our fee is only 0.9%. For example, an upfront payment of $1,000 costs $9 and is automatically deducted upon the final transfer to your account.

This is how it works.

Let’s walk you through it.

Create a job

Simply sign in to your account, click “Add New Job”, enter in the details, and click “Send to Customer”. Takes you about 2 min!


Customer pays

Your customer will receive an email with a unique URL (web page) for their job. They check over the job details and pay the job amount into the provided Upfront Pay account.

Complete the job

With the job funds confirmed and safely held in the Upfront Pay escrow account, you can confidently pick up your tools and get to work.

Funds are released

When you’ve completed the job, simply change the job status to “Complete”. This sends another email to your customer asking for confirmation that the job is complete. Once confirmed, the funds are immediately released to your bank account.

Watch this to learn more.

Meet Cam, the founder of Upfront Pay. In this video, he will explain you more how Upfront Pay works, so can get paid on time, every time.

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How much does Upfront Pay cost?

Upfront Pay accounts are free (takes 2 mins) & no monthly subscription is needed. Transaction fees are only 0.9% and are automatically deducted (e.g. a transfer of $1,000 will automatically deduct a transaction fee of $9). Transactions are unlimited, use as you need.

Minimum transaction fee is $4.99 per transfer. Transaction fees are capped at $100 per transfer (for transfers $10,000+). Tradies can use Upfront Pay for free by adding 0.9% to their invoices to allow for payment security.

How do I use Upfront?
Using Upfront Pay is easy:

Get paid as soon as the job is done!

How do I know the funds are safe?
The funds are held in a secure, third party account, and will not be released unless agreed upon by both parties, or there has been a dispute resolution process entered into and we receive written notification by a competent authority, e.g. the court.

While the money is in the holding account, it stays right there, it is not invested or moved around in any way.

I am wanting some work done by a tradesperson. How do I use this system?
Upfront Pay offers security to both sides of the working partnership. Simply ask your chosen contractor to sign up to Upfront Pay. It’s a win for them too, so it should be smooth sailing. Sign up takes about 2 minutes.